BridgeTech Outsourced IT Support Scope

BridgeTech strives to provide a single point of IT contact for our valued clients and appreciates the opportunity to provide you with ongoing IT support via our Managed Services offering.  Below we will help outline what is in and out of scope of our ongoing monthly IT support agreement.

In Scope: BridgeTech will provide support of your ongoing IT operations by providing general maintenance of backend IT infrastructure, CIO strategy and end user support.  Support of ongoing operations means as-needed basic troubleshooting of systems to keep them up and running as well as supporting end users by helping to make sure their desktop applications are functioning.  We strive to interpret “In Scope” as broadly as is possible/reasonable to provide as much support and value to our customers as is possible/reasonable.

“Machines”:  BridgeTech generally does not provide in scope support of non-PC “Machines”.  For example, postage machines, copy machines, and physical printer repair/feeding.  BridgeTech will help ensure this equipment can connect to the network if that is required, and in the case of printers will help ensure appropriate driver software is installed.  Presentation equipment: BridgeTech can assist in developing documentation for presentation equipment and providing training, however for regular ongoing setup/takedown use of presentation equipment is customer responsibility.

Personal mobile devices: BridgeTech will assist end users in connecting their mobile devices to the firm email system as long as the mobile device is up to date (less than three years old).  Other personal mobile device support is treated as out of scope.

IT Projects: IT Projects are out of the scope of our ongoing support agreement.  IT Projects are new initiatives, for example; an office move or opening a new office, building out new servers infrastructure, replacing a large batch of desktops all at once, restoring a server from scratch (only had to do once or twice in 15 years), implementing a new accounting system, resolving database or application corruption.  We endeavour to become acquainted with customers vertical market applications and support them however in-depth/complex integration and customization of vertical market applications is not included in ongoing support, generally these projects are best handled by applicable vendors under support contracts.  BridgeTech will help in sourcing said vendor support and managing the outcome.  In a nutshell, big stuff or new initiatives are considered projects.  Marketing campaigns, websites, or providing services to your own customers is out of scope.

Routine use / routine tasks: BridgeTech strives to ensure IT systems are functional, it's the client's responsibility to utilize the systems or provide training for its staff.  BridgeTech can provide or help source training as an out of scope project.  BridgeTech can provide, in scope, initial walkthrough-training or creation of basic firm documentation to increase efficiency and empower end users.  General routine use of working systems is up to the client.  BridgeTech will work with the end user to get them on the right track towards handling routine work processes on their own.  Autonomy and empowerment of your end users will increase productivity of the end user as well as IT.

In our view, in-scope and out of scope should be intuitive and reasonable for both parties, and it shouldn't require constant referring to detailed lists of what’s in and out.  We hope the above explanation makes it that way.

We truly strive to deliver as much value as we possibly can in an ongoing monthly engagement.